Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting back to normal

   I would like to start with a warm-felt THANK YOU to everyone who passed condolence's on the couple of post I had and also JUGM placed for the passing of my father. It really meant a lot to us. As the days progress since my father passed away, each day has been getting better. As with the lose of a loved one, time will heal the pain. There will be times when I will be sad, but we must go on with our lives and live them the best we can. Work has been consuming much of my time as I have had much work to catch up on which has been helping me some.
     Along with work, I have neglected my own yard for the past two months and had to do some grass repairs. Yesterday I took 5 pallets back to the seller so I could get $30 back and after returning them, I said, hell, I will jump across the river and go see Stephen. I arrive and see his door cracked open, which happens from time-to-time when he is sitting outside but he wasn't. I slowly go in and call his name thinking something was wrong and then the booger walks up behind me from the side. I hate it when that happens. So we sat and chatted for almost an hour then JUGM called and wanted to know where I was so I was busted and took off for the house. One conversation we had was about S&W MP15-22 magazines and how hard they are to find. JUGM has one too and on the return trip home, I stopped at my local firearms purchasing establishment and on the shelf they had 10 aftermarket 35 round magazines for the M&P15-22. So I purchased two.
     Of course I texted Stephen a picture of one of them and he started pleading with me to get him a couple. Well I went back today and got him two, think I will add a $25.00 surcharge for purchasing them or may forget to bring them to him for the next, ummm year maybe. If Duke buys one, I may sell them to him, who knows.
     Little League Baseball is starting to wind-down with the Spring league, which I will be glad when its over because I have never seen so many whiny-ass parents in my life. This team that NW is on was the scraps left over from the league player draft, hell they didn't even have a manager or coach so some of the parents stepped up and out of the 4 coaches, I was the only one with baseball experience. Yes, we are the Bad News Bears. Well we lost again today, 9-5 but they played better than they have in a while. 4 more games and I will coach my own team next year.

     After baseball today, came home and finished up my final PowerPoint presentation for this class I am in. Once done, we put on our Saturday best and proceeded to a firearms purchasing establishment in the metropolis that most of our group frequents from time-to-time. Since I have a birthday coming up next week, I have been eyeing a Mossberg 930 for sometime. The price I could get it at was right around $700. I took the shotgun into my hand, looked her over and felt her up then handed it back to the salesman, and said I will have to think about it. Well as I was having some fun, ND had a fit because he is almost 7 and NW already has his own rifle. As I walk over to JUGM and ND, he was holding a Henry Repeating Rifle in .22 and it hit me, hmmm I have been wanting a lever action .22 rifle longer than I have wanted the Mossberg, and best of all, it was $400 and some change cheaper. Well after a pouty face and jumping up and down like a kid, JUGM took the pleasure of approving my new birthday present, even early too.

        BTW, we haven't forgotten ND, he will receive a camouflaged Cricket for his birthday. We proceeded home so I could lock my new friend up in its resting place, my SAFE, and as a family, we took off to a restaurant located on the intracoastal waterway for a early mother's day dinner for JUGM. As we sat outside on the deck to eat, thunderstorms started rolling in but we managed to finish before the rain came onto the porch. Food was outstanding and we will go back for their famous breakfast one day.
     In less than a month, I will be participating in my College's commencement ceremony. I have been waiting on this day for over 2.5 years. Best of all, I will be graduating with honors. As I worked my tail off for this honor, I am sure I will hear from others, "why does he get to wear all that gold". I will kindly inform them that "I WORKED MY ASS OFF FOR IT!!!!" I'm sorry, but I have no pity or compassion for anyone who does not put forth the effort to succeed. I earned it and you didn't, get over it. Since I will be busy participating in the ceremony, JUGM will probably do a posting about it. I will give her that honor because without her running cover for me from the kids and everything else, for all this time, I wouldn't have made it.
      Well I am getting tired, have a good drive tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good weekend and will post later.


  1. Glad to hear there is some semblance of normality returning... And congrats on the degree and attendant honors!!! And you'll love that lever .22!!!

  2. Glad you like your present...and we got a really good deal, which makes it even better.

  3. congrats senior. my father passed 40 years ago and I still get wet eyed thinking about him. It's ok, brother. love going out to you and glock mom, the rat

  4. Monday, zero eight hundred, magazines, in my hand....and, don't forget that adapter. We always knew you'd graduate with honors...well done, my friend.

  5. Happy Birthday Senior - i hope that you have a wonderful day! and congratulations on graduating with honours!!!

    your friend,

  6. Happy Birthday Senior! Can't wait for the post on the graduation.