Monday, February 4, 2013

Trial Run of the 300 AAC Blackout and I GAINED ANOTHER FOLLOWER, WOHOO!!!!

     My followers are just like customers, they are the most important part of a business, but also to a Blog too, so I would like to take the time to welcome my newest follower, BadgerMedic to the Mess. I didn't see that you had a blog of your own, if you do, please let me know. I will make my best effort to respond to your comments and contrasting points of view. I own a small business, college student, father of 2 boys, husband of JUGM and probably, soon-to-be Little League Coach maybe, so bear with me.

Well I took the day off, not because of the Super Bowl like most other MAROONS, but JUGM and I both had Dental appointments for an exam and cleanings. I came out with flying colors, JUGM, well.....

{I will be sleeping on the cough tonight for this, but C'mon, you all laughed.....}

Anyways, I decided to make up a few more 300 Blackout cases to make the total count at 100 cases. I decided to only load up 5 rounds and take them for a spin. Here is the load data used:

Bullet weight,Brand,Style: 125 grain Speer, Spitzer
Powder weight & brand: 17.1 grains, IMR 4227
Primer: Winchester small rifle
Case: Lake City
Case length: 1.365 (Max trim length: 1.368)
O.A.Length: 2.072 (min: 2.060)
Using my Lee hand priming tool, loaded up the cases with the primers, then used my electronic scale to fine tune. Min load was 16.5 and max was 17.7. Just like a wise man said, put it in the middle, can't go wrong.
Next step, into the one arm bandit and seating the bullet.
Bullet seated
Next step is to check the Over-all length (O.A) to make sure it meets my mark of 2.072.
Once that was complete, I like to add a little more crimp to the rounds, so I slapped the LEE Crimp Die in and gave it a light crimp.
Now like a kid, I packed my Blackout up and headed to the local range to try them out. The rounds fired good, no bulging primers, cases, or tears in the casings. Everything looked great. I didn't stay to long at the range, the ventilation system was down and looked like a forrest fire in there so I got out of there without my target.
Once home, I said, what the hell. Put the Sizing die in and sized, trimmed and deburred the rounds I shot today and they went into the tumbler with the other rounds I made today. Since our group has a camp-out planned for later this month, I will make up some more rounds because I know DUKE has had a big interest in obtaining a 300 Blackout barrel to make him one and we have talked abit about the 300 blackout, also I know he is itching to shoot one and critique it. I know STEPHEN will want to shoot it as well to contradict DUKE's review. Next round for the 300 blackout will be transferring the dies over to my LEE Progressive press to really crank some rounds out. Best so far on it is 400 rounds a hour loading .223.
Til next time....


  1. "Oh Roy my Boy toy !!!!!! lalalalalalalalal

  2. Yes, Senior, you will pay - and pay - for that picture. :^) But I suspect her sense of humor is better than you let on.

    1. Yes, she has a great sense of humor.

  3. Mine is built. I got a barrel a few weeks ago.

  4. Hope you like the dog house... :-)

    1. You know what they say, one who sleeps in the doghouse at night, wakes up in the cathouse in the morning, lol.