Monday, February 18, 2013

NEW AWARD, Dumbass of the Month!!!!

     For some time now, I have wanted to come up with a award for the Liberal Mindset who believe that everyone should be treated equally and with fairness no matter how you busted your butt to get where you are in life. Now most of the people who view my blog can relate to the idiotic mentality of the Left and Democratic Party. Really, we all sit back and say, "Are you for real"? "Do you know how F&^%*(G stupid you sound?" Now as fitting as it is that the symbol of the Democratic party is none other than a "JACKASS", why not keep the ASS in it and make it the "LIBERAL DUMBASS OF THE MONTH".
    Soooo, In the inaugural month of this award, why not pay tribute to a woman who has no clue about the Second Amendment and what it stands for, by all means, you never served a day of your life in the military and served most of your time laying on your back for your wealthy husband while he took his liberties on you, hopefully with you wearing a bag, seriously, while having no concept or even read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights in its entirety. The FIRST LIBERAL DUMBASS OF THE MONTH goes to our beloved Senator from California, Senator Diane Feinstein!!!! I would like everyone to stand at your computer and show her the much deserved gratitude she deserves. Now I will go puke!!!!



  1. Concur: she's a fitting recipient.

    1. I wanted to be more graphic on the trophy, but kept it clean. She is so deserving of this award.

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  3. What an important award, and what a worthy recipient (and I was a native Californian, and so I know all about Ms. Feinstein !) I can't even bring myself to call her Senator !

  4. Senior, I really didn't need the mental image of DiFi on her back screaming "harder, HARDER!!!!". That full body shiver just ruined my morning donut.

  5. You could give that award out on a daily basis!