Monday, January 16, 2017

Quiet and productive weekend around the house. Canned some Bacon

    As Christmas and New Years are over with we are back to the everyday norm of school and work. This weekend brought the kids and I a three day weekend. I get to enjoy another three day weekend this Friday as I have a VA compensation and pension appointment to go to so they can check one of my service connected disabilities, ONCE AGAIN!!!! I have a strong feeling that they think I will get better when there is no cure. I am sure the oil smoke of the Persian Gulf  during Desert Storm contributed to the condition as I have been surveyed several times regarding Gulf War syndrome.
    We did some early spring cleaning around the house with loading the trailer up for a run to the dump this coming Friday. We have almost got all out storage buildings in order and getting the last few boxes out and throwing away stuff we haven't used in a few years. I did get started on the grading for the garage that I have planned for late spring. The area of the property is somewhat level, but I do need to go down around 3-4 inches on the end closest to the house as I am wanting a 5 inch slab for the floor
     I did a search of the Internet Thursday during lunch and I was looking for dehydrated and freeze dried food as with each upcoming month I will start transitioning to them with a limited stock of canned goods in storage. We just cleaned out some canned goods that dated back to 2012, which I am sure they would still be good to eat, I would rather not until I really had too. I called another one of my neighbors who has pigs and told him to come get them.

 So as I am searching I run across Yoder's canned Bacon, holy crap that stuff has gotten expensive, $144.00 for a case before shipping. I told JUGM about this and we have been wanting to can Bacon for some time so she went to out local meat store and bought 5 lbs to start with. Well here it goes:

1 of 5 packs of Bacon

Masking paper cut to 18 inch's

Thick sliced Bacon placed on masking paper

Second sheet of masking paper placed over top of Bacon

Bacon is folded in half before its rolled up to go in wide mouth quart jar

Rolled up and going in jar

5 quart jars of Bacon pressure canning for 90 minutes

after the Canner
     Sunday morning, one jar was opened and consumed at breakfast.

Bacon unrolled
 Withstood the pressure canner pretty well

In the pan

The finished product

    The bacon went well with eggs, grits and toast. The FDA has discouraged people from canning bacon so pressure can Bacon at your own risk. I have only demonstrated that I accomplished this and have consumed the bacon I pressure canned. Please do your research before attempting and if you are new to canning, please use the Ball Blue book and learn canning of other food items before attempting.

    Well this will be a short week for me, only a few days till our 45th President is inaugurated and the other one is sent packing. I find it ironic that the Rep. Lewis from the Atlanta area said the same thing about G.W.Bush when he took office back in 2001 calling him illegitimate too. Makes you wonder of his racial tendencies...... Take care all.



  1. Thank you for these pictures. I have always wondered how canned bacon was done, and what it would look like when done. Looks pretty straight forward. Have canned lots of other meats, just never bacon. Will have to try it the next time bacon goes on sale...or when DH's nephew kills a couple of hogs.

    1. It is very easy to do. I would put a little separation between the slices as two of the rolls did tear at the top when rolling.

  2. Senior,

    We're doing the same thing you've been doing, going through stuff (including garage, and outbuildings) and getting rid of stuff we no longer use.....I guess this is considered early spring cleaning :-) Doesn't it feel good after doing all of that??

    Bacon....bacon....bacon!!!!! that stuff. I imagine one could do the same thing with turkey bacon.

    I'm thinking a cap needs to be put into place on how long a rep can hold a position in office.

    Sending hugs and love to you, JUGM, and your Boys.

    1. is masking paper the same as parchment paper?
      'ask jackie' at backwoods home magazine has canning recipes for everything cannable, and she and her family have eaten it all for years in good health.

    2. Sandy, I didn't find much on Turkey bacon, I wonder if anyone has ever canned it. I agree, there needs to be term limits on all elected officials. Hope everything is go well for you and BDM.

    3. Deborah, I have seen some people use parchment or masking. I figured masking would be cheaper and easier to find in the size needed. I will have to check Jackie out over at backwoods

  3. I still buy Yoder's by the case. It costs about 35% more now than it did even three or four years ago, unless you can catch it on sale. Your idea of canning your own is a lot better. You can spend less and have more bacon.

    I have routinely eaten things like beans from my long term storage, from cases of canned goods, that are more than ten years old. I keep them in a cool, dry, climate controlled space. Overall, the food has always still been viable, but the taste is not as good when it's that old, and I have no idea whether or not there is still much "food value" in it. I've never been able to find any definitive research that says yea or nay on that aspect of it. I did find an article once that detailed canned food that had been on a river steamer which wrecked in 1865, and much of it, particularly oysters, was still good to eat.

  4. Yes, it was much cheaper. I don't know the size of your can's of Bacon but the Bacon we bought was just over $20.00. Sunday morning when we cooked the canned Bacon, the grits came out of a half gallon mason jar that was original vacuum packed with our food saver back in 2010 and I noticed no difference in taste, but we are talking about grits too, LOL. We have quite a bit of dry goods vacuum packed in jars. I'm sure that the canned goods I gave away were probably still good, I have eaten Dinty Moore Beef Stew that was 3 years past the expiration dated and it was fine but I could taste a "Metal" after taste in t.

  5. Ouch! Guess I won't be getting anymore Yoders... sigh