Monday, February 20, 2017

A lot going on, promotion, transfer, trip to Agri Supply, spring garden and pigs.

    I know it been a while since I did a post, sorry about that, just a lot going on. First off, I got a promotion and then 2 weeks later, I accepted the same job at a location closer to the house. I am excited about it as I got two things I was looking for. It took some time but persistence and patience pays off.
     Made a trip one Saturday to our closest Agri-Supply to purchase a device that would make it much easier to make beds in the garden.

The track too tough to tame, Darlington Speedway

Agri-Supply had Rain barrels for $109.00 each, they had spigot and filling fittings on them. I can make them much cheaper.

   What I went there for was the Keulavator 3 point frame. This device can be used for many things but what I wanted it for was to make perfect beds for my crops. Here are couple pics with bedding disc's on it.

    Since last planting season, I have been turning the soil over roughly every two weeks to rid the garden of weeds. The last 4-5 years of my dad's life, he didn't plant a garden and as you can expect, nature will try to reclaim the fruits of a man's labor. I also made track in the garden for the kid's RC offroad cars, so I had to bust it down and make it level again. Once all level, I hooked the 5 foot 3 point tiller up and mad a few passes on where I wanted to plant the Red potatoes.

JUGM and ND planting the potatoes, they look like rocks in the small trench

Row made with  Keulavator 3 point frame, notice the trough where drip irrigation will lay in center.

Bed depth is anywhere between 7.5 to 8 inches deep

Drip irrigation hooked up with line running 100 feet, cant do that with raised beds

    Like I said, I have never done red potatoes before, so this should be an interesting experiment. Worse case, I am only out $6.00 in seed potatoes from out local farm and feed store. Hell, some preppers spend that on cheap ass Chinese flashlights and do reviews on them.

    So moving right along, since we have had tremendous success with our chickens and had anywhere from 20-30 dozen eggs in our secondary fridge at one time, we said why not, lets get some pigs. Muslims would hate me if they knew the amount of pork I eat a year, whether grilled, smoked on a smoker, or fried up as bacon or sausage. Maybe I can raise attack pigs in case Muslims come around and want to start a fight. I'm sorry, am I being insensitive? I don't care, it's my property, my blog and my god given right if I want to raise pigs for my families consumption and if you don't like it, stay in the middle east, PERIOD!!!! I was born in the USA, defended the our nations constitution for 20 years so I have that right. Take it up with PETA.
    After reviewing our first year in the new house, I did notice that we did have some issues with our trash and how it accumulated a large number of maggots for excess food in the bags with the heat of the summer. We aren't lucky enough to have trash collection like some so-called Internet preppers have in their HOA controlled community. Also, stuff we grew in the garden that didn't make it we just fed to the chickens.So why not turn that into something more useful in the form of Bacon, Boston Butt, Ham's, Ribs, Pork Picnic Shoulder, and other fine pork products. The past week, we started the construction, yes it was a family affair.

 ND driving construction screw into frame

 NW and ND working together without yelling at each other

 Three sides done. Hog wire was recycled from an old dog pen on the property

 Completed. Will it win an award? Hell no, it's a damn pig pen, who cares!!!

Notice the bolts?

     When building this pen, I wanted to make it so it can be broken down in sections and moved to various locations around the property if needed. JUGM will do a post of our trip this past Saturday to the livestock auction in a neighboring town. She took some pictures that the ladies will go ahhhh!, they are so cute.

     Well that's about it from my world. Boys had their first baseball practice and I am pleased to announce that my commissioner, JUGM has lifted my suspension and has allowed me to coach again, WoooHooo!!!! As most of you that have followed me know that Baseball and my kids take precedence so I will try to blog when I get moments. So much for winter here in SC, warmer than normal temperatures have caused pollen to start floating in the air equaling to me being stopped up all weekend. I hate it. Stay safe out there.



  1. I'm just amazed to see all that bare ground ... and soft enough to dig. We have 30" of snow on the ground, and the permafrost won't melt until May.

    1. LMAO, Rev, this ground is no fun to dig into. It looks pretty but I bet it will give you the same results as permafrost. We have not had much of a winter here, supposed to be around 70 degrees all week. I almost think I am back in Florida

    2. it might be bare ground...but I assure you Paul it is not not soft enough to dig in...lmao

  2. Good morning. We are wondering if you could shoot us an email as we love your pictures of the Keulavator and our Florence, it appears, store.

    Chris Barnes

  3. That's a fine pen. Sure wish I had some good help , as your sons are for you. Fortunate daddy, you.

    1. They helped but they did wonder off numerous times to do what young men in the country get distracted by.

  4. Senior,

    Wow, I can't believe what the Agri Supply Store is charging on rain barrels. The highest price I've found here on them $36.00. They can be made for a lot less as you've indicated.

    Congrats on trying potatoes this season. I love planting potatoes, you really can't go wrong with them. You and JUGM will be happy come harvest time.

    Congratulations on your promotion, and new job closer to your home. You've worked hard to get it, and totally deserved it.

    Here piggy....piggy!!!! What type of pigs did you get?

    Sending hugs, and love to you and your family.

    1. Yes Sandy, I thought the same thing. They can be made much cheaper. We checked this afternoon and they have broke the soil. I'm looking forward to my new place. My dad's best friend just stopped by and I asked him Tuesday when he goes east to a "Sale" that if they have some gilts come through to pick me up 3 of them. He will get half of one when I process them.

  5. Glad to hear you got the promotion and are closer to home. Both of those are good things that will make life easier.

    Looks like you are going to have a nice garden. I'm putting more effort into ours this year, trying to actually grow something besides tomatoes. Nothing we planted in raised beds last year actually produced food except the tomato plants.

    Raising pigs is a good idea. My dad used to raise cattle and we always had beef.

    Oh, hell! You saw my review of chinese flashlights! ;-)

    just kidding.

    1. Yes, I am looking forward to the shorter drive. If you were close by, I could come over and get your ground ready. You know, I have a Power Cadet 200 lumen flashlight, Chinese made that I have had for almost 8 years and it still works. I have thought about doing a review on it as I don't like doing reviews on my stuff until I have some time on it. I have been thinking about doing a review on the pictures I sent you, but still thinking about it.

  6. All good news, and I hope you sunk those corner posts... If you didn't the hogs are liable to move the pen for ya! :-)

    1. The corner posts are all bolted together and I really don't think Pigs are going to be able to move it, hell I cant even move the pen. I have thought about driving some stakes in the corners and attaching them with construction screws to keep it in place, just for instance if it was to happen.

  7. Better be careful with those pens Liberals may use them to put up the homeless refuges...Glad things are better in NC.