Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where has 2 weeks gone?

    I was relaxing yesterday and thought, hell I haven't done a blog post in almost two weeks. Well, where should I start, most of you know I was in SC with the my better half, JUGM, and of course the boys were with us as well. We tried to make it a spring break trip as the kids were out of school but her dad was in the hospital and we got a 2 day late start. Once there, didn't do a whole lot, just some chores and maintenance around the place and plowed up the garden and threw some rows for JUGM to plant some stuff. Me, I want a full garden but she only wants to put low maintenance items in the ground, so we compromised a bit, only put rows in half the garden. Hey, not bad for my first time on a 1948 Farmall Cub.....

  There are a few rows of sunflowers and a few rows of yellow onions.

   Saturday rolls around, and we have had rain since Friday afternoon and as the rain clears out, we take a trip to Harbor Freight. If you have been in one of these stores, yes it is full of Chinese junk, but how many times do you use a torque wrench? Would you want to pay $21.00 for one there, or spend up to or over $100 at Sears? I'm not a full-time mechanic, so figure which one I went with. Also, you can find items that will help you out in a survival situation in there, yes the quality is not top of the line, but budget minded preppers can start here. On the way home, we stopped by our local Gander Mountain and yes, we gandered through the store and left. Prices are just too damn high!

   Today was an easy day, went to china-mart to get a few things for dinner, on the request of the kids and NW and I stroll to the sporting goods section and buy a few boxes of TUL Ammo in 7.62x39mm. At $5.47 a box, can get it cheaper from online retailers when you add shipping in. With all that is going on in the Ukraine, bet 7.62x39mm may increase in price or be part of a trade sanction.

    Once home I think, what would be more relaxing than doing some reloading. Well I had some 300 Blackout primed up so I hit the single stage and got to work. Here are two of the components. Federal small rifle primers were the other, besides the brass.

    My load call for 16.5 to 17.7 of IMR 4227, my target load was 17.1. As you see I am off by a bit but no worries.

     The final mess of Blackout rounds. it was a nice day, notice me wearing my Crocks and shorts?

     This week will be a busy week, have some work to catch up on from the spring break trip and have to get things prepped before the spring heat arrives. Also, I will be heading north for an interview with one of the top two logistic companies in the world with a chance to be placed in their management development program. Wish me luck. Have a great week everyone.


  1. Senior,

    It sounds like you and the family enjoyed spring break up in SC. The boys had to be excited just being out of school.

    Running a plow can be all kinds of fun, you did a great job on getting the rows ready for gardening. Have the boys been able to drive the plow? I bet they would love running the equipment up on the farm.

    Sunflowers and onions, now that's a great start to a garden.

    We have a Harbor Freight in town, and from time to time we visit it for tools we know we won't use often (just as you indicated). Why pay extreme prices, when you'll only use the tool one time.

  2. Yes, they were excited, they always do when no-school is involved. No, i dont want to put them on that old little tractor just yet.

  3. That place in S.C. is sure nice. Are you sure you want to go work for some bunch of hoity toity guys in suits? Wouldn't it be better to just retire? Sometimes I am glad I am, and sometimes I am not, but I know I couldn't go back to working for a "boss."

    What if you all have to go live in some city up North! The horror, the horror!

    1. Harry, i still have a few good years left in me to work. North, i dont think that will happen.

  4. Good times, and good luck with the job!!! :-)

  5. Just catching up on my blog-reading duties - hope the interview process went/is going well.