Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday bit's and pieces

   Today was a good day, the weather was nice and we really didn't have a lot to do. JUGM had taken her vehicle to the Toyota dealership on Friday for a oil change since it's cheaper for them to do it than me to go to China-Mart and buy all the stuff. As you most know, the "stealer-ships" try to tell you that you need something else, such as a cabin or air filter. Well this is the third time that they said that she needed a new battery.
    I have a vast knowledge of vehicles, I'm a damn good shade-tree mechanic, and they keep saying that the cold cranking amps are around 300-325. I told her, no they are full of crap. So as we didn't have much to do today, I went to a friend's (second dad) business and asked to borrow his battery load tester for a sec. We hooked up his SNAP-ON load tester and hit the trigger. Well by-god, there was over 600 cold cranking amps on the battery and was still in the good range. Hello Toyota, your customers are not stupid!!! We can smell BS a mile away.
     He also told me that the Snap-On NHRA Funny car driven by Cruz Pendragon was just down the road at the International Truck shop. The Gator Nationals will start up I think next week just down the road. Well we all headed down and got to see their traveling Funny Car and also the Snap-On Tool Custom chopper built by Orange County Choppers that has 255 various Snap-On tools built into the bike.

    Before I went to sleep last night, I went to a online gun trading site and found this post. Seems this guy doesn't like his Kimber Pro Raptor II and wants to trade for a Ruger SR1911 or sell for $800.00. Like I said before, do your research before you shell that kind of money out.

    Before I forget, well hell I have forgot for a week or so, I was the winner of Sandy's latest contest and wanted to post another thank you to her for picking my name out the hat. 

   Well everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend, I will busy over the next two days, have to see an attorney, so I will chime in when I get chance.


  1. I take my jeeps to the dealer once in a blue moon, but I have been buying from her since 1999 and she has always treated me right. If I think I'm being suckered I just go to the owners office and she calls maintenance. If she tells me something I believe her, but I don't trust the guys who work in the shop particularly.

    I wonder why the guy didn't like his Kimber. I have one and it's a good gun. You never can tell though, people are fussy about guns and the smallest thing can sour them on one.

  2. Harry, for many of years, i have always worked on my own vehicles. This case, it's cheaper to go to them for an oil change because buying in bulk helps, I can't compete with 50 gallon drums of oil compared to quart size bottles, packaging and distribution costs. I should email him and ask why he wants to get rid of the Kimber. Your right, people are fussy about guns.

  3. I changed my own oil for years, but - like you - these days, it's easier to do the 20-minutes in and out routine, and get on with the day.

    1. Your right Rev. Then you have all this oil, you have to get rid of it. Yesterday I took 5 gallons to the parts store. Just another burden.

  4. Concur on the dealers trying to screw you, and they ALWAYS do it to the women... Nice pics of the car and bike!