Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HJ Resolution 72, Baseball, and Picture of the day

     Since I don't post all the time, I still have some old chihuahua in Harry Reid's state who continues barking at my ankles and from his rant the other day blaming tea party, or what he calls "TEA BAGGERS" as a bunch of ignorant b%^&^%$s, and that comment is expected from a liberal. Since it is so "A" typical for liberals to name call, so why not enjoy in the festivities a bit. As I have stated, he didn't plan to well for his later years and when I went back to read all his responses, he lives off the government, so he is worried about getting his checks. So I thought I would add something from House.Gov, OMG it's the voting record for HJ Resolution 72 "Making continuing appropriations for veterans benefits for fiscal year 2014, and for other purposes. Here is a screen capture of Roll Call 518.

Seems to me that 224 Ignorant "TEABAG B@&#*!(S" passed a bill through the House of Representatives to pay veterans. If you would like to see how your Congress person voted, here is the link: http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2013/roll518.xml

BTW, this chihuahua is posting a doozie of a post tonight at midnight, so run on over, that means you too "Backstabber" and enjoy the childish commentary. I have better things to do than worry about some old man entering the early stages of dementia and is so infatuated with making comments about my wife. Such a dirty old man, wonder if his wife knows......

** This is the last commentary I will post regarding the dirty old man**

Now, on to more important things, such as baseball and coaching kids. I enjoy giving back to the community and enjoy every amount of time I can spend with my boys. I had quite a stellar career in baseball as a youth and was on a path that could have lead me to better opportunities in life; however decisions made in my younger years did catch up to me, went down some wrong roads and made some bad choices. Joining the military took care of everything except a career in baseball.

As most of you have followed my blog for awhile, you knew I coached my oldest son in minor division baseball in the spring, now we are in fall baseball and have both boys on the same team. So tonight we had a practice, why I don't know because we are 2-0. My oldest, NW has been tearing the ball up on the bat and in 2 games is 12-12, batting 1.000 with 8 doubles and 4 singles. ND who moved up from Tee-Ball is catching up at 3-12, batting .250 with 3 singles in the second game. When he was in Tee-Ball, he only hit off the tee during first practice, after that he was pitched too. All it has taken is tweaking on his batting mechanics tonight and he went 4 for 4.

While I am on the subject of baseball, I remember many times watching baseball and having the legendary Harry Carey calling Cub games. I would have to say the Carey Family is by-far the first family of baseball announcers. Harry, with the Cubs, son Skip with the Braves, and Chip with Fox Sports. As I recall Harry, and yes he did drink beer in the box while announcing games, I think back to a SNL skit when SNL was funny, here is the link:

And for the random pic of the day:




  1. He deleted his trash overnight on his blog. Backstsbber has been exposed for the person she truly is.

    I agree. Time to let it rest.

    Enjoy the baseball, with your boys.

    1. His blog, his life, his trash, he can keep it all. You know, its a shame that there are these type of people that act this way. Baseball is a good way to look at the world, doesn't matter what problems you have, you step on that diamond with your kids, it all changes.

  2. Replies
    1. Seems with all that went on this weekend, people got a sense of who is who. Thanks for sending us some cooler weather.

  3. Senior,

    Baseball, such a wonderful sport. Our youngest played T-Ball, then decided to go into football. Hubby and I love going to games to watch the kids play.
    Have fun with your boys and the team!

    1. I will. We have a neighbor kid who is the same age as ND, he plays football for the Pop Warner team here, he is actually real good. We took the boys to his first game and they said, we are sticking with baseball. I said why, NW said, "More money in it"

  4. My son was never into baseball, though we started him out with T ball when he was very little. Instead, he got interested in dirt bikes and that's the way we went. The important thing was to spend time together in an activity we both enjoyed. If more fathers would do that there'd be less trouble with young people.

    1. You are correct Harry, its about spending time with your kids. It is a shame that there are many fathers out there who could care less about their kids. That is what this society has become.

  5. Good for you. It's always amazed me how many military folks ARE giving back, if only for the time they're at a particular station...

    1. Shipmate, you are so right. I enjoy helping kids learn and enjoy sports, especially sports I was very good at. Tonight during both son's game, we have one kid who was having issues hitting the ball, a quick intervention of teaching corrected the issue, the kid went 3 for 3. You do have military people out there that give back to the community, active duty or retired.

  6. Well, you finally called someone out who is not a coward, nor misrepresents herself as anything other than a woman who lives in a nice house, not on wheels.

    I do i visit your blog, but it was sent to me by someone in Canada who knows your lil' mascot from the ugly in.

    I am not a backstabber, since I have NEVER said anything behind a person's back I have not already said TO THEIR FACE first. Something cowards know nothing about.

    Now remember those who leave you and yours ALONE, and do the same. Surely you're not as adolescent and childish as you appear to be.

  7. "I do i visit your blog" should read:

    I DO NOT VISIT YOUR BLOG. And will erase any links sent to me in the future by those who are aghast at your lack of maturity.

    1. do you promise?

      Go ahead insult me too. I don't give a "rat's" ass.

    2. lotta crap, so you are admitting that you are the backstabber, now you have just confirmed it for atleast 10 other bloggers that have spoken with me as well. Did I specifically say "lotta is a backstabber in my post"? DID I ? No, so seems to me that either you have a guilty conscious or maybe you should cut back on the cheap wine you are drinking. Am I concerned about you coming to my blog, no, but hell no! So I will leave you with a few thoughts to ponder as you pour your next glass of courage:

      1. I am quite secure on my maturity so keep on "STABBING"
      2. Take your Narcissistic, Stabbing, Drunk Ass off my blog.
      3. You do have a nice house, how's the pool water?

      +1 to Matt.

    3. and Lotta crap, you roam from blog to blog running your mouth but you screen your comments on your own blog. So who is the coward? It would be a shame if your followers knew who you really are and what you say.

  8. Obviously Dana we are drinking again. So when you referred to me as a " terrorist" on the rats blog you werent talking behind my back? Your just pissed because I slammed you over the way you did Kymber. You are a two faced old woman..you said all kinds of things about Rat, then kiss up to him.on his blog. What a hypocrite! I am thankful your BS is off my blog. And unless you wany more it needs to stay that way.

  9. Senior, if I'm not mistaken THAT IS MY FUCKING HOUSE ON YOUR FUCKING BLOG and since I'm not the idiot YOU are, of COURSE I recognize how a coward acts, and coward are CHILDISH. School yard bullies used to call names then say "I know you are, but what am I?" Then they'd get their pants jerked down and run home to mama.

    I am and always have been debt free, and in control of my actions. Unlike you and your little group of demented, helmet wearing, "the sky is falling", bunch of inbreds.

    I would not talk about you behind your back Jacked up. I would much rather tell you to your face that you are a round little blob with too much testosterone and no estrogen, but you drop your shit and run.

    And Senior Stupid, since when do I monitor my comments? My GOD how can such idiots as you and yours actually exist AND find the front door?

    Like I said I WAS NOT HERE BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE. There are people who "have my sixes" too (another asinine saying) and sent me another damn link. They have been advised that ONE MORE LINK to this shit hole will have them erased and blocked.

    If there ever comes a time when I have to send emails around, asking others to "defend me" as Kymber does, then say I can put on my "kick ass boots", then you'll have your laughs. Or when you idiots LEARN about her as six others have and shut her down, then you can agonize over being "had".

    Do I want more of your bullshit Jacked? Nah. Not when I can read of your testosterone rants elsewhere.

    I'm off to visit Rat. I do NOT agree with him politically, (which is none of your fucking business) but at least he doesn't officially call each of you by name when he's talking about human hemorrhoids.

  10. Thanks Lotta for the response, I plan on making this comment my next post to inform everyone who follows all these blogs of who you really are and what you are about. Damn, it took you almost a week to figure that out, you should clean your blog up, took me 5 mins to find stuff about you. OPSEC, try it, oh that's right, you never served. Why are you here anyway since you dont like what I have to say? Oh, I know, you friend in Surrey, BC and Cullman, AL rushed right over and said, "He's talking about you....." Really Lotta, who are the children playing little school yard games and getting played in the same transaction? I figured a sweet old lady would have a better stature than resorting to drunk rants on other blogs. I toned it down abit, just for you.

  11. Actually, I have not even seen all these comments until today, so I could not have told anyone anything. This is a really old post, so all this late mess was not on here. I came over and saw the roll call and tried to read it, saw the house and wondered whose it was. I am afraid the innuendoes about others go right over my head.

    So, what do you know about Dana and kymber? Have you met either one? Hey, if you can find out stuff, I have someone for you to get the dope on. All you guys would hate him!

    I took nothing special to find where I live since it is all over my blog.
    Practical Parsimony