Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Follower, Tera Light Product Review, and Return from R&R in God's Country

     We arrived back home today from God's Country, and dealing with the SORRY-ASS drivers on I95, I felt that I needed to strangle someone. I can not beleive how bad drivers are, quick, speed up to 70, then slam on brakes, it felt like a electrical hertz cycle. We did managed to see a nice cloud of smoke over a hill top and witness two cars go off in the rain drenched median with one getting stuck. Well it was a shame that I didn't have my work toolbox with me or I could have pulled the lady from Maine out, hold on, wait a minute, you were one of the crazy drivers I saw today acting like a total moron!!!

     Need to change the subject, BP getting too high, I would like to welcome a new follower, Constitution Coalition to Senior's Mess. Knock on the door, wait for the old crusty Senior Chief to yell "Enter", and grab the CMC's unwashed coffee cup off the rack and let's talk some scuttlebutt.

    I purchased this month's "The Backwoodsman" magazine. I had viewed it several times in the store as JUGM has been shopping and last week, I said "what the hell" I bought it and toook it home for further review. I like this magazine, has some good stuff in there. I am always looking for ways to improving my skills and supplies, so I stumble across this:

     This device is called a TeraLight Fire starting device. It works off the same principle as a diesel engine, compress air and fuel and the fuel will ignite. I went to their site, read and viewed the video of it's operation and thought, this would be a cool addition and add redundancy to fire starting capabilities. Well during our R&R trip to Casa-Del-Rock, I tried it out. This device is made very well, CNC work is excellent. It's lightweight and simple to use.

     Put some tinder or char-cloth in the cup at the end of the rod and insert into the body, compress with one firm stroke and the char-cloth ignites. Once I did this, I blew on the ember and used my knife to remove from the cup and dropped in a tinder bundle.
    Once in the bundle with additional char-cloth, just blew a gentle breath on it as with any other tinder bundle and it starts right up.
    My dad was always prepared for anything, and I learned many things from him when Hurricaine Hugo went through his area. It also helped he had a 39 gallon trash can half full of Kindlin or Fat-Lighter, however you refer it as. With small stuff also cut, this was the result.
     Here is a link to their site if you desire to review it and see their video
    Well JUGM, the kids and I spent a few days at Casa-Del-Rock and enjoyed some much needed down-time. It was a nice relaxing time, but of course it would have been better if my Dad was there. I even mentioned to JUGM that my dad would have been laughing at me about how NW and ND were acting. One thing I love about this area, it's very rural.
     Many times, you don't pay for things, you barter. Our family friend was looking to help another friend out with finding white flint rocks for making a rock fence to keep people from driving on her grass. Well Casa-Del-Rock is a gold mine for these rocks and a good sign of gold in the area too, there is a Gold mine that was closed years ago, but reopended last year, only 3 miles away.
     So he mentioned about making a tire swing for the boys so this was an offer I couldn't turn down. So our family friend and another friend showed up in beat-up chevy pick-up with rope and a tire, ready to go. This swing kept the kids occupied with so much fun for the whole time we were there, they didn't care if it was soaked from the rain.  
     Saturday was dedicated to doiing much of nothing and some bow shooting. I worked with NW and ND for a few hours and JUGM and I broke ours out. NW did real well, NW struggled since he is a lefty using a righty bow and his intrested in shooting a bow is not quite there. As I cooked potatoes on the grill, I knew I had some time so I went shooting alone and shot at ranges from 20-40 yards. I did my best at 30 yards. After I finished, NW wanted to shoot some more, so here he is with his birthday present. I know its not a perfect bulls-eye, but to a 8 yr old wanted to impress his dad, I added to the approval.


  1. Fire and archery. Who could ask for more? Glad you guys had a good time.

    1. Yes, PP, we had a great time. It was nice to relax a bit.

  2. Always a good idea to have back-up fire starters; good find - thanks. Glad everyone had a good time & played safely with the archery. Sounds like fun!

    1. It's always good to have as many backups as possible. I was worried about ND a bit as we were shooting. He would go on a bug-capade and start wondering around. Had to watch him close.

  3. Thanks for the review, Have to check that out. Glad you had some down time with the family. Better watch it, that little man is going to give you a run for your money in the archery department!

  4. Yes, NW is a very competitive kid, baseball season was he'll as one of his coaches, but he takes after me. He will be better than me, I get to teach him the things not to do. Glad you liked the review.

  5. Glad y'all got some down time, and shooting anything is usually fun! And country folks DO barter a lot... :-)

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