Sunday, January 13, 2013

Allergies, I hate them

     Our weather here in the sunshine state has lived up to that name, it's been unseasonably warm and the pollen from the Pine trees is in the air and messing with me. Heard that our weather will start to turn toward more winter-like, we shall see. The weather guesser's couldn't guess their way out a paper bag.
     Yesterday we headed to a gun show at a local county's fairgrounds. I actuall enjoyed it more than going to the bigger shows. Our buddy Rebel had beat me out there and we had a short visit with him and he walked around a bit more, then he headed back home. This gun show was small in stature, but you could still find some stuff there. Rebel found a Stag Arms Upper for an AR for $850. There were a few complete EVIL BLACK RIFLES there, and their prices matched the current trend.
     We did manage to buy a few things before we left. Found a bargain bin of magazines which contained 2 Glock 22 10 rounder mags, managed to get them for $10 a piece. Picked up a brass hammer and punch set for gunsmithing for $15. JUGM picked up some mags for her baby Glock for $40. I have been looking for a German Flec-o-flauge Parka for quite sometime and locating them online at Sportsman Guide or other sites, you can never find a XL. Well I managed to find 2 brand new ones that were a size 14 for $40 and they fit great. The Germans make some good quality stuff, that's why I wanted them. JUGM got the boys some new paracord bracelets made from a veteran who was making them on site.
     My weekend also included of going shopping for a business suit. I will need it later this week for my induction ceremony into the National Business Honor Society and for when I graduate. Well we made the mistake of going to the Men's Warehouse. I understand that salesmen work mostly or entirely on commission, but damn, don't think we are fools. This guy was trying to get me all decked out and out the store with 2 suits for around $1K. Well we ended up out the door for $375 with only the jacket, pants and tailoring and nothing else. Let's just say I wont be going back, J.C. Penny is my new favorite store and since they have somewhat restructured, I was happy with the customer service we got there. Well at least I have a nice suit......
     I was going to discuss more about the current state of affairs with our government and their quest to disarm us, but I just don't feel like it. I would post what a few others have posted on their blogs WRT Ruger assisting the citizens in sending letters to their politicians but It would kind of redundant since everyone who views my little blog also view there blogs.

      Well I hope everyone had a great start to your week, until then......



  1. Sounds like you had an interesting day.

  2. Good day when you can actually say you 'bought' something at the show... LOL And re suits, Joseph Banks is MUCH better quality and less pressure... FFR...

    1. I have thought about Jos F Bank, I may check them out and see how they are.