Friday, January 25, 2013

300 Blackout case prep and Fried Chicken

     Sorry for the absence from writing, just been busy and had a lot on my mind as of late, and most of that has to do with the current state of our country and the IDIOTS who are our so-called out leaders. Leaders you say, yeah right. I have seen more leadership at a KFC during lunchtime. I have been thinking of coming up with a weekly award, just haven't figured out what I want to name it nor design. I'm a pretty smart guy, I will figure something out.


As most of you know, I had my induction ceremony into the International Business Honor Society last week, instead of responding on that blog posting, I wanted to take the time on this post and thank each and everyone of you that posted you warm and supportive congratulations. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Took a ride out to the base on Wednesday and had lunch with the civilian contractors who worked for me out there. I couldn't turn them down since it was Fried Chicken Wednesday at the Chiefs Mess. Of course fried chicken was on the menu, then of course they had collard greens, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, and corncake. Looked like cornbread to me until I bit into it, then I asked for the strawberries and whipped topping to go with it. If by chance you don't know this, the MCPON has decided to do away with the Chiefs most cherished tradition, the Chiefs Initiation. TOTAL BS if you ask me, just another political move that has no reward for him. Even chatting with the chiefs who work at my old command, they are upset about it and we all came up with the same questions, "why didn't he asked the fleet first before doing this" If you have no idea the prestige that Navy Chief's take, here is a website to go to and take a gander

If you have been following my friend Stephen over at Standing Outside Looking In, you will know that we had our January group meeting which we kept warm around the fire, did some work on the range, ran our mouths, and of course slung some lead and filled the air with Gunpowder Potpourri. There were a few things that did come up missing, but I kept a sharp eye on my stuff. Duke however didn't fair as well as I did.

Got my 300 Blackout LEE Case trimmer the other day and of course I went at it. I only have managed to only make 78 cases in two days, but I only worked about 2.5 hours. I would suggest if you do decide to make 300 Blackout brass, there are several ways you can cut the 5.56 brass, either a cut-off saw, milling machine, or use a band saw. I suppose you could use a table saw as well.

Once I get to this point, I run the cases through the Lee Sizing and Depriming die to form the 300 blackout neck. Next step is case trimming using my Lee Zip trim.

After running the cases through the brass cleaning tumbler for about 4 hours, they came out all pretty.
Maybe I will load up a few cases and take them to the local range here in town and try them out. Of course I will bring you all the results of that when complete.


  1. Yeah, all the Chiefs I know up here are pissed too... And none of them were asked either!

    Will be interested to see the outcome of the 300s...

  2. Senior, shoot me an email if you would... Oldnfo at gmaildotcom