Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A shout out to all my shipmates, How about a HELL YEAH!!!

    To all my shipmates. Yeah, I have posted this before, but hey, I like it.



  1. Did you see that about the three sailors being attacked in Istanbul? Al Jazerra was crowing about it last night on their news service. I thought those guys did well not to get involved in a fist fight. First, the odds were about 20 to 1. Second, that would have given the Turks the opportunity to invoke the status of forces agreement and try to get the sailors under their jurisdiction. The Turks have picked up most of the morons who attacked them then posted the video of it. I wouldn't want to be those guys, Turkey has low tolerance for people who rock the boat and the Navy has a good relationship with the Turkish government.

    1. Harry, I am real glad that those sailors used their head and played it smart. Yes, they were outnumbered and it could have got real bad for them. I never had a bad experience in Turkey, except for chiefs initiation.

  2. NFO, REV, and Rob, Hell yeah, I'm ready to go back.