Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back home

Well I left God's country around noon today to make it home for a 1 hour nap before NW's little league game. Update on my dad, he has a digestive obstruction, not a complete obstruction and a UTI. Orthopedic surgeons want these fixed before they fix his hip. I had all intentions of relaxing a bit by meeting up with Warlock while in town, but after reading between the lines with my dad's attorney, i was able to locate a current Power of Attorney with me listed.  Now I have some relief to handle his affairs now while he is in the hospital. So that took up more time with the county and Wells Fargo but I will be heading back up again this upcoming Sunday again. If anyone will be in Warlocks area, lets do dinner, i need some resemblance of normalcy. I may be able to get some work done tomorrow too, so wish me luck. 



  1. Glad that things are coming together and under control. Thoughts and prayers for your dad.

  2. i freakin love warlock and would love to meet him in person - he has been such a good friend to us, such a good friend - he has always been there for us - but then so have you and one of my faves, JUGM, who just happens to be your wife. i am soooo happy that your Dad is doing better and that you will be able to help him with POA and stuff. just promise me, that throughout all of this stress that you will take care of yourself K? JUGM has been through hell this past few weeks, as have you, but YOU are the Senior Chief, know what i mean buddy? i am talking from 10yrs military experience here - GO ARMY! make sure to take really good care of your family and JUGM can cover for all of the rest. she's good like that buddy. i freaking love that woman!

    your friend,

  3. It's really good to hear that things are starting to align correctly. You & your dad are in my prayers.

  4. Knee Mails continue for your Dad and family, Senior.